Ha My photography

Hạ My is a young photographer with a sensitive heart. Born in Saigon - Vietnam, she is passionate about people from all walks of life, their stories and culture. Hạ My believes everyone and everything has a unique soul and unique story. Her heart holds these stories dear while her lens captures the feelings in the moment. Her love of children, the elderly and people living with special circumstances is evident in her work.

In 2017, Hạ My's first series ' Nha Que- Country Home’; an intimate portrait of her grandparent’s daily life; was published in Trang Den Magazine, a Vietnamese photography art magazine.

Through this series, Hạ My was invited to join photographer Réhahn in Hoi An, as his first and only student. Working along side Réhahn in the Precious Heritage Museum Hoi An, Hạ My is part of a dedicated team working to preserve and share the rich and diverse cultures of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. Here she is an integral part of a project close to her heart and is able to capture candid moments behind the scenes of all of Réhahn’s events throughout Vietnam. Hạ My's work in this capacity has been published in major Vietnamese newspapers : VnExpress, Bao Moi, Nguoi Lao Dong, Phu Nu Online, VTC, Thanh Nien,…, as well as featured on the BBC .

In 2018, Hạ My’s first exhibition in Saigon is titled "Stories of Life". It is a privilege to accompany Réhahn in his exhibition in Saigon.
She chose the subject in the series of 6 photos to be of "hands" to demonstrate through pictures, the positive energy and attitudes of these elderly men and women about love, life and work and to show that there is value in all of us even in our very old age!